First Visit

What to expect during your pet’s first visit?

Depending on your location, we may ask that you come in for an afternoon consultation prior to your surgery appointment. During the consultation, we will attempt to locate any dental issue(s) via physical examination. We will discuss our surgery procedures and detail our methods of diagnosis. When it is time for your pet’s procedure, we will place them under light general anesthesia and take dental radiographs and perform a Cone Beam CT. From there we will have images of the head and will be able to pinpoint any issues and make a plan for treatment. At this time, while your pet is under anesthesia, we will call you to discuss the treatment plan and with your approval, we will conduct the procedures necessary.

When you come to pick up your pet, you will be discharged with before-and-after photos and detailed aftercare instructions. If you are local, we may ask that you come back for a follow up recheck appointment 2 weeks later so that we can make sure everything is healing properly. If you are not local, you can schedule your recheck appointment with your regular veterinarian. We will mail your pet’s dental chart and before-and-after photos to your regular veterinarian after the procedure.