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Caring for your pet’s teeth is important for their overall health and well-being. At Animal Dental Specialists, we are dedicated to improving & maintaining the dental health of cats and dogs. Our team has extensive experience in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. We offer preventative services such as veterinary dental cleanings and can also treat broken teeth, oral tumors, and jaw fractures. Our office is located in Pelham, AL and we serve patients across Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Bert Gaddis, DVM, DAVDC

Your Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist™ in Pelham and Greater Birmingham!

Bert Gaddis has been delivering top-notch veterinary care in Pelham and Greater Birmingham since 1984. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Dairy Science in 1981, followed by his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 1983. Dr. Gaddis initially joined the wonderful team at Roswell Animal Hospital in 1983, later taking ownership of the full-service clinic at Indian Springs Animal Hospital in 1984.

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Throughout his career, Dr. Gaddis has continually sought to enhance his expertise. In the late 1980s, he immersed himself in dental courses from the American Animal Hospital Association. It was during this period that he discovered his profound passion for veterinary dental medicine. Recognizing the need for specialized veterinary dental practitioners, Dr. Gaddis began offering essential dental services like tooth extractions, earning him the respect and admiration of fellow veterinarians in his community.

To pursue his passion further, Dr. Gaddis began his residency in veterinary dentistry through the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) in the latter half of the 1990s. This unique residency allowed him to maintain his thriving practice while fulfilling the rigorous residency requirements set by the AVDC. In 2009, Dr. Gaddis passed the board certification examinations and proudly earned the distinguished title of Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College. He is currently the only Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist™ in Alabama and one of only a few hundred veterinary dentists in the US.

Dr. Gaddis reshaped the Indian Springs Animal Hospital into the cutting-edge facility known as Animal Dental Specialists in June 2020. Dr. Gaddis focuses exclusively on veterinary dentistry and oral surgery and accepts referrals from general veterinarians.

Dr. Gaddis shares his life with his wife Susan and their 2 sons, Robert and James, as well as their four-legged companions: Lulu, the loyal lab, and Gracie, their rescued bundle of joy.

Stephen LaRocca, DVM, Practice Limited to Dentistry

Bri Schroeder, Practice Manager

Bri has been working for Dr. Gaddis since May of 2022. She graduated from Oak Mountain High School in 2014 and also attended Shelby County College and Career Center during that time to study cosmetology. She has been a receptionist in the veterinary field since 2015.

Bri has a German Shepherd mix named Judge who is 8 years old. When she is not working, she enjoys taking Judge on hikes, camping, writing, and trying new sushi restaurants.

Alan, Veterinary Assistant

Alan has been a veterinary assistant at Animal Dental Specialists, formerly Indian Springs Animal Clinic, since 2001. In 1989 he graduated from Montevallo High School and went on to study Biology at The University of Montevallo. Before coming to Animal Dental Specialists in 2001, Alan worked as a kennel technician at a nearby animal clinic.

Alan has a black cat named Boo. He enjoys camping, hiking, and wildlife photography in his free time.