Intro to Veterinary Dentistry, Anesthesia, & Radiology for Technician

The Introduction to veterinary dentistry and radiology course will be 8 hours of continuing education credits (4 CE credits for lecture, 4 CE credits for lab). Topics will include abbreviations used during charting, instruments used during dental cleanings, radiograph positioning and safety. There will be two hours of anesthesia discussion. This will include how to select appropriate drugs for various patients and the main components of patient monitoring to maximize patient safety.

This course will offer 4 CE credits for lecture and 4 CE credits for lab.

CE credits are RACE approved.

Please note: We use cadaver heads during our labs.




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August 16, 2024
8:00 am - 5:00 pm




Animal Dental Specialists
1583 Cahaba Valley Rd, Pelham, AL, 35124